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How is Loyalty Shopper able to pay me for shopping online?

Loyalty Shopper pays you to shop at our partner sites when you go through our links. We do this because the retailer pays us a commission for your custom and we pass a portion of this on to you. When you have collected enough points to cashout we send these to you either by PayPal, BACS or cheque.

1 point = 1p

Please remember this when working out the value of offers.

What different ways can I earn points?

The most common way of earning points is as a 'rebate' on something you buy through one of our partner sites. We usually say you get, for example, 5% of your purchase value in points, so if you bought a TV worth £1,000 you would receive £50 worth of points (5,000). This is rather like a 'loyalty card' except we typically pay higher amounts back and give you choice of hundreds of shops.

We also pay points for signing up to our partner sites or when you make your first order there. Sometimes this may be, for example, when you take out a new credit card or renew your car insurance, we'll express the bounty as a fixed amount of points. This is a great way of very quickly earning points.

Finally, we also set points for actions which you do at some retailer sites, such as comparing prices. The points paid are usually quite small in amount but don't require you to commit to buying there and then.

What criteria do you have on new members?

We accept members who are UK residents and at least 16 years of age.

How do I join? 

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